Associate Professor Tali Tal

Tali Tal

Associate professor Tali Tal is the head of the environmental and informal science education group. Her research foci are science for all students, out-of-school science education and environmental education, and teaching to enhance higher order thinking. Dr. Tal completed her Ph.D studies at the Technion, in 1998 and her post-doctoral research was at the University of Michigan. Since 2000, she is a faculty member at the Dept. of Education in Science and Technology at the Technion. Dr. Tal is interested in meaningful learning in diverse environments such as classrooms, museums and in nature. Meaningful learning encourages critical thinking and develops a variety of skills needed by every citizen in science and technology oriented democracy. Tali Tal is an associate editor of the Journal of Research in Science Teaching and the editor-in-chief of & Ecology and Environment, a peer review journal in Hebrew. She is a board member of the Israeli Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, and a board member of NARST – A Worldwide Organization for Improving Science Teaching and Learning through Research. Tali was the chairperson of the Technion ecological garden where she teaches as well as does research on outdoor education. Tali is a member of various professional committees including the European Researchers in Didactics of Biology (ERIDOB) and she is the chairperson of the Ministry of Education Professional Committee for Environmental Sciences in the high school. Dr. Tal's research group consists of graduate students and research scientists in environmental and informal science education.

  • 1984, Sc, Tel Aviv University, Life Sciences Faculty
  • 1989, Sc, Tel Aviv University, Dept. of Plant Sciences
  • 1995, Teaching Certificate, Technion, Dept. of Education in Science and Technology
  • 1998, Pg.D, Technion, Dept. of Education in Science and Technology